Clarity in Strategy

 A lot of mystique surrounds developing strategy, much of it arising from over complicated models and processes.

We work with our clients to firstly help them clarify why they exist - their purpose or vision.  

Then we work together collaboratively to define, or refine, how they are different - their Competitive Advantage. 

Finally we focus on making sure they are completely focused on what they are going to do to implement their strategy.

We approach the process as one of collaboration, challenging the status quo, helping uncover insights and tapping into the knowledge in the organisation.  

We do this by structuring and managing strategy development projects, facilitating workshops, and coaching teams and leaders to ensure they have the right strategy to achieve success. We use a number of models and approaches including the  Now-Where-How framework and Lafley & Martin's "Playing to Win". 

Our focus though is to come up with practical solutions that everyone can believe in and deliver on.

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Vantage Strategy & Marketing helps leaders improve their business by cutting through the clutter.
We work collaboratively with our clients to develop clear strategy, achievable goals and actionable plans.