Connecting the Dots … making sense of disruption

The accelerators of change including artificial intelligence, robotics, cloud computing, big data, augmented and virtual reality will enable new products, services and business formats to develop and scale at a pace currently only just starting to be seen.

However, there is too much emphasis on the specifics of the individual technologies themselves, and not enough on how these technologies can be used together and applied to real customer problems. The ability to remove customer friction by the smart application of technology is a clear differentiator for many already.

In this 45-minute webinar, business strategist and company director, James Atkins from Vantage Strategy & Marketing shares his learnings, explores the opportunities that these new ways of thinking open up and poses questions for how these models or technologies could be applied in your organisation.

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Tips & Tools for Strategy Execution

One of the biggest challenges most people in business face is getting real traction or progress with implementing their strategies and plans.

Sometimes, this is due to the fact that the organisation’s strategy itself is unclear or unsound; but more often than not it’s because execution and its communication have been poorly managed.

In this interactive webinar, you will explore approaches to setting up your strategy and plans for effective execution, and discover some simple tools and tips to help keep you accountable and improve the likelihood of achieving success.

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Finding Value in Your Value Proposition

What value is there in having a value proposition? This free 30 minute webinar explores how to deliver and unlock real value for your customers.

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Finding Your Sweet Spot of Marketing

In this short webinar, James Atkins explores how to develop and deliver content that truly adds value by identifying your marketing sweet spot.

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