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Vantage June 2013 Newsletter - Out Now

There is no doubt that the world, and therefore business, is becoming more complex. In a global CEO survey IBM found that 79% of CEO's anticipated even greater complexity ahead with more than half doubting their capacity to handle it!

There is real value in tackling complexity head on as it gets in the way of effective implementation of strategy - it confuses and diffuses your people and their efforts.  But we must not confuse simplicity with simplistic.  It's not about ignoring complexity (which is real), or dumbing things down. Making sense of complexity is the task, clarity of purpose is the goal.

So in this newsletter we have brought together a number of ideas and insights into handling complexity and gaining clarity - in my words 'cutting through the clutter'. 


We were prompted to explore this area further by the recently published book 'Simple - conquering the crisis of complexity' by Siegel and Etzkorn.  Read our book review here.

Also in this edition…

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Good luck in your search for simplicity and clarity!

Best wishes,
Vantage Strategy & Marketing

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