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Vantage CEO Forum - challenging growth strategies for 2017

Last month, 25 CEO’s, GM’s and business owners met up in Melbourne for the launch of the Vantage Leaders Forum. The Forum will meet quarterly for half a day to share new ideas, learn new skills, and discuss best practice; all of which will enable leaders to apply research and concepts to their own business.

The topic was Developing and Challenging Growth Strategies for 2017. We explored some great research by Bain on the factors that drive high performance in organisations.  The study identifies six key factors – Aligned, Capable, Effective, Adaptable, Efficient and Engaged. If you want to read more on the research click here.  

In the workshop the group shared what had been effective for them in driving engagement within their own organisations with some creative ideas explored around effective and timely communication.  This included how to use enterprise social media and collaboration tools – such as Yammer and Chatter – combined with both formal and informal meetings and catch-ups. One leader utilises a 10-minute stand up session for the leadership group once a week.  I think this will be replicated by a few of the CEO’s pretty soon judging by the enthusiasm for such an informal, more spontaneous way of communicating and engaging. The group also shared how authentic leadership is key to true and lasting engagement.

The second half of the morning focused on developing strategies for the top growth priorities for each business leader heading into 2017.  Utilising the Mindshop 4 Step strategy development and problem solving approach, the group worked in pairs identifying and then developing quick win strategies.  In part these leveraged some of the learnings from the Bain high performance model, as well as each leader working together to build and challenge the other’s ideas and plans.  At the end of the session, one page plans in hand, the CEO’s had moved their growth agenda forward – a kick start for implementation in 2017.

Wrapping up the workshop, the group reflected that not only where there interesting and challenging discussions, but one of the real benefits was meeting with peers away from the business in an open, collaborative and constructive environment. 

To read what some of the attendees thought about the day click here to see their comments on LinkedIn.

The forum will next meet in February where we will again work collaboratively on key business challenges, and share ideas and insights to grow their businesses, their people and themselves. This works in well with the direct coaching also provided to each participant to drive the success of his or her business.


by James Atkins, Vantage Strategy & Marketing

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About the Vantage Leaders Forum: The quarterly Vantage Leaders Forum is one aspect of how we work with our clients to achieve their individual and business goals. It supplements our core advisory and coaching work where we help develop and implement strategy, as well as problem solve around current opportunities and challenges within their businesses. Additionally they are supported through access to Mindshop Online where they have 24/7 access to a wide range of tools, online courses and resources.

To read what some of the attendees thought about the day click here to see their comments on LinkedIn.

If you are interesting in being part of this unique, invitation only group and gaining my support to drive the growth of your business (and you as a leader) please send me a brief email to arrange a 20 min call to discuss your needs further:

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