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Discover your Probability of Change Success

A new model for determining the probability of change success in a business was released recently. The model was developed based on extensive research as part of Mindshop founder Chris Mason’s doctorate.

This model highlighted 3 major factors that drive successful change in businesses - Change Readiness, Capability and Beliefs. Under those major factors a further 10 sub-factors were identified.

This is a breakthrough model in helping organisations boost their probability of change success from a default 30% to a much higher rate. This obviously will then flow through to savings in cost, time, people and lost opportunities.

A compact version of the model has been released (see above video) to help businesses quickly determine their probability of change success and to determine the areas they need to focus on to improve. Once you have identified the key gaps you can review the full Change Success model, incorporating all ten factors, to help determine an action plan to improve your probability of change success.

Interestingly the research indicated the biggest gap in most businesses is in Change Readiness, as opposed to Capability or Beliefs so that may well be where you need to start before you kick off a change initiative.

If you would like to apply the model to your business and your changes initiatives please feel free to contact us at Vantage. We will be happy to explain the model in more detail and see how it can be applied to your challenges and opportunities.

by James Atkins, Vantage Strategy & Marketing
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