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Can A class marketing with a B class offering win?

Last week I listened into a webinar by a marketing guru.  There were some good ideas and insights but one comment really made me stop and think.  His view was that... A class marketing coupled with a B class offering is enough to ‘win’. 

In a world where information is at your finger tips, and the ability to use social media to uncover puffery and sub standard products and service, how could this be so? I think it is a very cynical view that you can make up for product gaps by overlaying great marketing.  The gap between perception and experience will be too wide and will be exposed.  Yes you may make a living for a time, but eventually a real A class offering will overtake you.

We should aim in what we offer to the market to meet clear and valuable needs.  For the need, or segment, you service it should be an A class offering.  It won’t work for everyone and it will, on occasion, fail to meet up to the standards you and your customers set, but that is where you aim.

I would argue the reverse holds true. An A class offering can manage with so called B class marketing.

Because word of mouth, potentially amplified by social media, will do the rest for you.  It will create a momentum of its own built off the base of your great product and service that is well matched to a specific set of needs.

Best approach – aim for A class in all that you do!  

by James Atkins, Vantage Strategy & Marketing

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