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Brand and Culture: Two sides of the one coin

One of the most successful online businesses I have seen has to be Zappos - an online shoe and apparel store that has had exponential growth and success to the point that they were acquired by Amazon.

Most companies focus on positioning their products as their main marketing push. Zappos’ Chief Happiness Officer Tony Hsieh however has a different perspective on how to create the best brand: by focusing first on service and empowering their people to deliver.

Have a look how Tony describes it...

As he says their strategy for growth includes taking most of the money that would have been spent on paid advertising and marketing and investing it in customer service and experience.  They truly do let their customers do their marketing through word of mouth.

But it is culture that is the key to making this work. Zappos’ people are passionate about service.  Their people are empowered to deliver great service no matter what.

Brand and culture are two sides of the same coin.  Quite often there is a significant mismatch between what brands say about themselves in their marketing and the experience their staff deliver.

They are building their brand ‘one phone call at a time’.  It is a virtuous circle between brand and culture, and it works!

How would you describe the relationship between your culture and your brand – are they aligned, do they build on each other, do your staff deliver the promise?

by James Atkins, Vantage Strategy & Marketing

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