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What’s wrong with Strategy?

Take a slice through an organisation and you will find that a large portion of the team have no clear idea of what the organisation’s strategy is or their role in its implementation.  Harvard Business Review have found that  43% of their readers couldn’t fully (or at all!) state the organisation’s strategy.   Tellingly the biggest barrier to execution was making the strategy meaningful to front liners in the organisation.  
So why is strategy so poorly understood?  

Because the strategy is based on sand…fast moving sand.   

How many senior executives can truly define what is different about their offer, why someone would buy from them and why they will beat their competition? If they can’t realistically answer those questions what hope has ANY strategy for the business got?  And why would staff throughout the organisation be able to understand let alone support and drive that strategy?    Time to uncover or discover your sustainable competitive advantage!  Before it’s too late.

  For more on HBR’s survey see

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