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This is where the magic happens…

Some friends of mine recently were in the market for a new dryer.

Keen not to pay too much they succumbed to The Good Guys spiel about paying less and headed in store.

A very knowledgeable salesman helped them look at various models, detailing all the features and benefits – nothing remarkable up until that point.

As they closed in on a preferred model the salesman opened the dryer door, pointed inside and said with a flourish…‘and this is where the magic happens’



Here was someone who clearly loved hyperbole and a sense of theatre. 

But you know what – he engaged my friends.  He cut through and enabled them to have a laugh and stop focusing on wattage and drying times and other mind numbing features.

He made a personal connection. 

He wasn’t scared of putting himself out there and having some fun.

So, what’s magic in your business?

  James Atkins
Vantage Strategy & Marketing

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