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Finding the The Sweet Spot

Content is the new currency of effective marketing.  Why? Because power has shifted, and the model has changed..

Businesses can no longer get away with blasting messages, proudly trumpeting their products or services, expecting customers to respond.

Consumers and business buyers alike are now in the driver’s seat.  They are actively looking for brands that solve their problems.  They search, they ask and they validate your offering – not from what you tell them, but from what they can find out and from their friends and colleagues.

In such a model content becomes king.  Genuine, authentic content - true to yourself and your brand.

But there is so much information, or content, available – to the point that at times it feels overwhelming. 

Our inboxes are full of spam, the web is exploding and we are exposed to more and more communications that are nothing more than hot air. Do you want to add to that?

So how can a business develop content that truly engages?

I believe there is a sweet spot where you will be able to cut thru and engage customers and prospects alike. 

That sweet spot is where content is DIGESTIBLE, SOLVES PROBLEMS and is grounded in your COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE.

DIGESTIBLE – where and when your target wants it.  To truly know that you need to understand their life – their pressures and how they like to be engaged.  This requires a much deeper understanding of your core customers and targets.  140 characters tweet might be fine for one customer; a detailed technical paper ok for another.

SOLVES PROBLEMS – real problems, customer problems.  This has always been so, however, most marketing just doesn’t deliver. If a customer can’t make the connection to their needs – at an emotional or functional level – then it will be wallpaper.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE – what is unique about your offering?  Nothing?  A clear, distinctive competitive advantage should be at the heart, not only of marketing, but of your business strategy.  Time to ask some hard questions and look within!

There are times when your marketing may well only focus on one or two at best.  That’s fine, but on its own it won’t be truly engage.

Digestible & Competitive Advantage – purely promotional!

Solves Problems & Digestible – what role are you playing?

Competitive Advantage & Solves Problems – no chance of cutting through!

So start looking for your sweet spot – it’s a journey worth taking!

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