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Have you been sung to recently?

Having just returned from a family holiday in Bali I was struck by their approach to service.  Every day I was impressed by what I would describe as a highly personal approach – engaged, willing and, in some cases, highly entertaining.

I have written before about ‘magic’ in service.  One instance whilst away really stood out.  After a long day out with the kids we spied an ice cream shop and headed over.  A store called Cold Stone Creamery had the normal range of ice creams and lollies that you mix together in a nice piece of in store theatre.  Similar stores are here locally.

But what set that one apart was what happened at the need.  After paying I dropped the (very) small change into the tip set off a wonderful piece of magic.

All five staff in store immediately sprung into action with a tune they had obviously made up.  Set to the track of the Seven Dwarfs’ “Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho” they proceeded to sing to me about my tip and how they loved serving and receiving.

It was fun and entertaining, for me and for them.  It also had the added benefit of entertaining and alerting other customers to what happens when you tip (with obvious flow on behaviour hopefully).  It also made me want to top up my pitiful contribution!

Great stuff, real magic and another exceptional service experience.  Why can’t we have more of these every day?   Sure beats more price cuts!

James Atkins, Vantage Strategy & Marketing

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