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Challenging times - 3 simple business ideas

1.  Better Communication using YouTube
Whether it is internal communications, documenting processes or communicating updates to potential customers it can take hours to write up a written communication. Doing a video recording using a camcorder, Flipcam or even your iPhone however can take just minutes. You can then with a click of a button upload this video to YouTube and send out a link for the video to your target audience. If you wanted to be more creative and put intro slides and / or captions editing takes very little time.

 The important point is that the message you are seeking to communicate will get a lot more traction in video format versus written.

So next time you are about to write up a newsletter update to your customers how about use a YouTube video instead.  Here’s a few from Vantage

2.  Only worry about the things you can change
Business stress increases during volatile times. Ensure that regardless of the pressures around you in business at present that you focus your strategies / actions on aspects within your control.

We call this having an ‘internal locus of control’ where you take responsibility for change rather than pointing the finger at external factors.  

3.  Change hurts but...get used to it
The pace of change in business is rapidly increasing. A 2009 study by consulting group, Kotter International now show that 70% of internal change projects fail.

Combine these factors and the result is that many businesses are ‘change fatigued’ and not wanting to adapt.

Unfortunately there is no choice but to continuously evolve your business at present or risk being left behind.

Whilst any change is difficult ensuring your team are armed with a common planning methodology to manage the change, there is great communication from the top down on the direction the organization is heading and managers lead by example will help make it an easier process.

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