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Are you adapting to the digital disruption?

Last year Deloitte Digital published a paper titled Digital Disruption – Short fuse, big bang?  It was a great piece of thought leadership that explores the digital challenges and opportunities across the economy.

What I found particularly interesting  was this digital disruption map that that placed industries into quadrants based on degree of potential disruption (small or big bang) and how soon it would impact them (short or long fuse).

Download map here

For me it has been a great way to discuss with clients where they are positioned in relation to the digital disruption (to use Deloittes terminology).  Here are a few questions I have found helpful:

·         Do you agree with where your industry is placed on the map?
·         If not, why not – how are you different (are you really that different is always a subtext)?
·         How you have responded to digital challenges and opportunities – are you ahead of the curve, a fast follower or is it not on the agenda?
·         Is there a potential competitive advantage now or in the future?
·         What can you learn from other industries and businesses in how they have responded to the digital revolution?
·         What’s next for your industry, and how would you lead or respond?

There is no doubt that this is a fast moving issue for most businesses and one, that if played right, should be more of an opportunity than a threat.  How quickly you address it, and include it as core part of your strategic planning, is what will define those who succeed and those who potentially lag behind.

If you want to learn more about Deloittes framework, and their thinking on this issue, their website is worth a visit, as is downloading a copy of the report.

by James Atkins, Vantage Strategy & Marketing

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