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3 Key Ideas for Business Success in 2012

1.  Own your Online Space 84% of your target market will now research you online before making a decision to buy from you based on recent research from Google.

Your website is now just one very small part of a larger web of touch points your prospective customers can have to discover more about your business. What comes up when you search for your business name on Google? (Is it anything over and above your own website?) Do you know what questions your target market; ask when researching using your services? (does your business come up in that search?)

It’s no longer an option to ignore joining the online conversation about your services regardless of whether you are selling whiteboards or cars. If you don’t join in the conversation then your competitors will. Setup Google alerts, research online forums your target market are using and join in, write a Blog or record a YouTube video to answer the most pressing questions your target market are asking about your services.

2.  Boost the Energy Levels of your Team You can spot a team within an organization with great energy a mile away. Their productivity levels are high, they are having fun, they solve problems rapidly and they collaborate effectively.

So how do you boost energy within a team?

Like most things in business there is no silver bullet but the key starting point is having a great leader in place to drive the team. This is make or break for any team as you can provide all the motivation you like to team members but if the leader isn’t right it will all be in vain.

So assuming you have the right leader in place boosting team energy is a combination of providing clear direction on a weekly / monthly basis to the team and moving on so called “Energy Vampires” that sap energy from others.  As they say getting the right people in the right seats on the bus,  and customizing the support you provide each team member to their needs, is key.

3.  Focus on what matters 20% of what you do creates 80% of the benefit you provide to the business. The other 80% is potentially a waste of time or could be delegated.

This is the question you should be asking yourself at this time of year as it helps clean out non-strategic activities that build up during the year. Create a list of the 80% of things you do that only create 20% of the benefit to the business and circle the 3 biggest areas of waste which could either be stopped or delegated.

If you find this helpful start doing it quarterly and you will find your productivity lifts and you are freed up to do the ‘right’ tasks that create value for the business.

James Atkins

Vantage Strategy & Marketing

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