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3 Key Ideas for Business Leaders

1.  Quality versus Quantity
Whether its relating to meetings, your sales process, marketing, customer calls, your website or the way you use social media in your organization quality will always win over quantity.

For example, many business people fall into the trap of doing more marketing if sales are dropping or having more meetings if a strategy isn’t being implemented effectively. However this can have the opposite effect of compounding the issue.

Those business people who focus on quality over quantity in areas such as their marketing and meetings will typically uncover the real issue blocking success whilst also freeing up a large portion of their time for more customer or strategic opportunities.

2.  Simplicity versus Complexity
There are millions of business articles and books in circulation covering various insights around leadership, business, strategy, sales or personality profiling however most publications have only succeeded in making a simple issue much more complex.

In such a volatile business environment keeping it simple and getting to the root cause of an issue is critical to success as most business people are in information overload mode.

Using One Page Business Plans, focusing on 3 key issues, having simple processes and problem solving approaches are just some approaches that can be adopted to assist in keeping things simple.

If you are finding your strategy development and implementation process is too complex stop and ask the question of what can be done to simplify things further.

Complexity will only cause frustration and confusion.

3.  Listening versus Telling
Having genuine empathy and being a good listener when dealing with customers are two traits of great sales people (rain makers) that are often over-looked.

It is perceived that the most successful sales people have all the answers, are confident in front of customers and have an amazing sales process that makes their life easy when it comes to converting new opportunities.

Post the Global Financial Crisis however having genuine empathy and listening skills are traits which are more critical than ever to help businesses in challenging times look for ways to fix the real issues or grab hold of new opportunities where your products could assist.

Pitching a product or service without first listening genuinely (so telling a customer what they need) will only lead to very poor conversion rates.

By James Mason from Mindshop

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