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2014 is all about Growth

The Annual Business Leader Trends survey produced by the global advisory group Mindshop, provides valuable insights into the training and support required to improve the performance of Business Leaders.

Business confidence is returning and for the last two years ‘Growth’ has been seen as the key opportunity by leaders after several years of focus on ‘Profit’ post the Global Financial Crisis.

Quality Leadership will be a key differentiator between the good businesses and those that will struggle in 2014. How will you build your skills and ability as a leader over the coming 12 months to ensure you can tackle the unpredictable challenges that are ahead?

This paper will help you shape your thinking on the skills / strategies you require to achieve success for both your business and yourself in 2014.

The 5 survey questions asked of Business Leaders for 2014 were:

1. What do you see as your top 3 Training Needs for 2014?
2. If you had to select a ‘theme’ for your business in 2014 what would it be?
3. Rate your current ability in 12 areas of competency
4. What do you see as your Top 3 opportunities for 2014?
5. What are the trends you feel will have a big impact on your industry in 2014?

Mindshop survey on Vantage marketing blog

If you would like to read more about the survey and the implications for your business please click here or contact James on 61 3 9836 0491.

by James Atkins, Vantage Strategy & Marketing
Powered by Mindshop

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